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Posted by on Mar 4, 2016 | 1,780 views

Khusus Layanan Akses Internet di COMLAB

Khusus Layanan Akses Internet di COMLAB

Tentang Layanan Akses Internet di COMLAB Inderalaya

Saat ini kondisi aliran Bandwidth dalam kondisi seperti semula. Untuk dapat menggunakan Layanan Akses Internet di dalam LAB COMLAB Inderalaya, mahasiswa yang melakukan riset di LAB harus melakukan config sesuai dengan browser:

Melakukan setting proxy sesuai device yang dimiliki.

Pengguna Desktop/Notebook:

Browser Internet Explorer

  1. Buka Internet Explorer
  2. Klik Tools
  3. Klik Internet Options
  4. Klik tab Connections
  5. Klik tombol LAN Settings
  6. Untuk Konfigurasi Otomatis:
    • Pastikan bahwa semua checkbox yang ada di bagian Proxy Server tidak diberi tanda cek
    • Beri tanda cek pada Use automatic configuration script di bagian Automatic Configuration
    • ketikkan di bagian Address
  7. Klik OK

Browser Mozilla Firefox

  1. Buka Mozilla Firefox
  2. Klik Menu Tools
  3. Klik Options
  4. Klik Advanced
  5. Klik tab Network
  6. Klik tombol Settings
  7. Untuk konfigurasi otomatis:
    • Klik Automatic Proxy Configuration URL
    • Ketikkan lalu tekan Reload
  8. Klik OK
  9. Klik OK

Browser Google Chrome

Google Chrome mengambil konfigurasi Proxy di Internet Explorer.

Jika anda melakukan perubahan konfigurasi Proxy di Google Chrome akan berpengaruh ke Internet Explorer.

  1. Klik icon paling kanan, Customize and control Google Chrome
  2. Klik Setting
  3. Scroll browser, klik Show advanced settings…
  4. Di bagian Network, klik tombol Change Proxy Settings selanjutnya sama seperti pada konfigurasi Internet Explorer
  5. Klik tombol LAN Settings
  6. Pastikan bahwa semua checkbox yang ada di bagian Automatic Configuration tidak diberi tanda cek.
  7. Di bagian Proxy Server, beri tanda cek pada Use Proxy Server for your LAN, kemudian ketikkan di kolom Address dan ketikkan 3128 di kolom port.
  8. Beri tanda cek pada Bypass Proxy for local addresses
  9. Klik pada tab Advanced
  10. Pastikan beri tanda cek pada Use the same proxy server for all protocols
  11. di bagian Exceptions ketikkan localhost;*;10.*.*.* 
  12. Klik OK
  13. Klik OK
  14. Klik OK
  15. Klik Close

OSX Mavericks

On progress


How do I configure proxies without GUI?


Link Source

System-wide proxies in CLI Ubuntu/Server must be set as environment variables.

  • Open the /etc/environment file with vi (or your favorite editor). This file stores the system-wide variables initialized upon boot.
  • Add the following lines, modifying appropriately. You must duplicate in both upper-case and lower-case because (unfortunately) some programs only look for one or the other:
  • apt-get, aptitude, etc. will not obey the environment variables when used normally with sudo. So separately configure them; create a file called 95proxies in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/, and include the following:
    Acquire::http::proxy "";
    Acquire::ftp::proxy "";
    Acquire::https::proxy "";

Finally, logout and reboot to make sure the changes take effect.

If you have an authenticating proxy, then the URLs will be different. Instead of:


You’ll have:


Note that these are still URLs, so passwords (and possibly usernames) will have to be URL encoded.

For example, a username of muru and a password of )qv3TB3LBm7EkP} would look like:


This can be done in various ways:

  1. There several websites for encoding:
  2. Programmatic:

In a pinch, you can use man url to see which characters need to be encoded:

An escaped octet is encoded as a character triplet, 
consisting of the percent character "%" followed by 
the two hexadecimal digits representing the octet code...

And the octet codes are available on man ascii.


Menggunakan Handset

OS Android

On progress

OS Windows Phone (8.1)

On progress

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